360° crisis management

When a crisis occurs, urgency and stress are generally the order of the day at all levels of the company. To avoid errors in decision-making and communication, enlist the support of our professionals who can anticipate and deal with the most exceptional situations, both in France and abroad. We offer a range of crisis management services.

Cold advisory

Crisotech by ChapsVision can help you set up your crisis procedures, whether by drafting your crisis management plans and reflex sheets or by auditing your existing procedures. We can also help you identify the functions you need in your crisis unit, set up its physical and technical organisation and formalise its operation.

On-the-spot support

Crisotech by ChapsVision is on call 24/7 to support you in the event of a crisis. We provide our tools, our external viewpoint, our experience and our expertise to ensure that the crisis unit functions smoothly, to facilitate decision-making and avoid the pitfalls of crisis communication. We can also help you draw up lessons learnt reports to help you improve your crisis procedures.

Training and exercises

Driven by the idea that you learn best by doing, we have made crisis simulation our signature. We offer a wide range of options for training and coaching your teams in crisis management and communication (major or restricted exercises, field or tabletop, simulated media pressure, interactive training, participative conferences, etc.).

Software and applications

At Crisotech by ChapsVision we believe that technology is a valuable aid in crisis management. That’s why our teams develop crisis management decision-making tools. We have also created tools designed to improve the coherence and immersion of those trained during crisis simulation exercises.

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