The issues

In an ultra-connected context where Big Data reigns supreme, the control and protection of information are the two priority issues that every organization must address.

On the one hand, cyber-attacks are becoming more and more dazzling, aggressive and unexpected via more and more exotic or even hybrid media that can jeopardize your confidential data. Anticipating, preventing and limiting threats and risks of contamination and contagion are strategic in order to protect your critical data and sensitive infrastructure and thus maintain the continuity of your business in the best conditions.

On the other hand, you have a vast amount of data from different intelligence sensors and of different natures (audio, video, text, images) often complex and time-consuming to process and analyze to extract more knowledge (status, predictions) on the situations of interest.

Ministries and actors of defence and security need to be supported in their regalian mission by having efficient and structuring data analysis tools to:

  • Inform geopolitical or strategic decision making
  • Ensure the security of goods, people and events
  • Maintain the country’s competitiveness
  • Anticipate actions against your interests
  • Identify weak signals to direct actions as soon as possible
  • Secure the transfer of your sensitive data
  • Detect disinformation on your environments


  • Anticipation of an attack on a critical operator (Argonos)
  • Identification of actors behind a destabilization operation on social networks (Argonos)
  • Reputation monitoring of companies operating in conflict zones (Argonos and AMI EI)
  • Monitoring of strategic and prospective innovations (AMI EI)

ChapsVision CyberGov' solutions

ChapsVision CyberGov offers solutions that support Defence Security actors in all stages of the data processing and investigation process.

Argonos, the data operating system


The data operating system allows to handle use cases in the field of military, security, social, political and economic intelligence with 5 key benefits:

  • Maintain operational superiority
  • Accelerate the provision of strategic and differentiating indicators
  • Tooling intelligence research and detection of weak signals in information oceans
  • Increase informational capacity
  • Increase the performance of dedicated solutions OSINT

Argonos is composed of 3 modules to extract the full value of the data:

  • The Data Preparation module takes in raw (unstructured) data from different sensors (visible and invisible web, social networks) or connects to your own sensors, whatever their nature (socmint, webint, osint, geoint …).
    Then it transforms them to enrich them, normalize them, make them usable with each other. For example, transforming videos into text, extracting concepts, places, names from these texts, solving the geolocation of data, doing facial recognition…
  • The Data Projection module will process all the transformed data from the Data Preparation and calculate the relationships between the objects according to the analyst’s universe, his or her use cases.
  • The Data Analysis module will offer tools for exploitation, research, navigation and investigation within these universes and restore the data in the format that suits you (mapping, spreadsheet, target entities…).


NEW logo CrossinG by CV 2023

CrossinG is an integrated security device designed for operators of vital importance who are required to strongly partition critical information systems and control exchanges with the outside world. CrossinG enables high-speed file transfers while maintaining an absolute seal between two networks thanks to software diode technology. The transferred content is subject to on-the-fly security controls (whitelisting, antivirus, format analysis, sealing, watermarking, signature verification). The solution manages inbound and outbound access permissions, and keeps track of all transfers.

Crossing has been deployed at several large OVIs for multiple uses: administration network exchange system (ANSSI PA-022 standard), IT-OT partitioning in industry, protection of sensitive data (ANSSI PA-075 standard), control of UHD content import in media broadcasting companies, cold backup of databases in the SecNumCloud cloud.


NEW logo Trezell 2023

Trezell, the evolution of Crossing for real-time military use, enables the exchange of tactical information in operation between systems of different classification levels, in 3D or in coalition.


MediaSpeech® is a multilingual speech transcription solution that converts audio and video tracks into searchable text transcriptions. Thanks to the deep learning neural networks now widely used in Artificial Intelligence systems, MediaSpeech® relies on an extremely fine modeling of the acoustic space, robust to speaker variability (speed, accents, etc.) and sound conditions, and thus offers even more accurate and faster transcription. 

The MediaSpeech Mobile speech recognition solution operates in real-time, in a standalone embedded mode, without requiring network or third-party server access. MediaSpeech Mobile runs on Android smartphones and tablets and can be adapted to dedicated hardware. MediaSpeech Mobile provides very high quality speech recognition and robustness to degraded conditions such as data entry in the field or voice interaction in military vehicles.

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