Crisis management
software and applications

Tailor-made technology to help you make decisions or achieve a realistic crisis simulation.

We believe that technology is an invaluable aid in crisis management. That’s why our teams have developed a mapping tool to help with decision-making in the event of a crisis.

We have also created tools to improve the coherence and immersion of trainees during crisis simulation exercises, with a fictitious social network that simulates Twitter, and fictitious television channels and newspapers.

CAIAC, online mapping tool

CAIAC by ChapsVision is an online mapping tool that makes it easier to understand a crisis situation and helps decision-making.

How does this mapping tool work? CAIAC by ChapsVision enables users to plan and anticipate issues and manage crises. This mapping tool has over 400 layers of information covering the whole of France, 15% of which is available in real time.

Customisable mapping. With its 3D engine, CAIAC by ChapsVision is 100% customisable and annotatable. It is also possible to create customised thematic areas using a pre-selection of layers.

What is the aim of crisis management mapping? To centralise and sort information to optimise decision-making and ensure business continuity.

SocialRoom: simulating social networks

SocialRoom by ChapsVision is a platform for simulating social networks in a crisis exercise. Studying and analysing the volume and tone of speech on social networks in the event of a crisis is crucial to establishing and developing a relevant crisis communications strategy.

We have created and developed a ‘fake Twitter’ specifically to simulate the reactions of public opinion and civil society, as well as the reactions of public figures, influencers and detractors.

Using SocialRoom by ChapsVision complements the realism of our crisis exercises and will help you adjust your communication strategies in real time.

NewsRoom: a platform for simulated media pressure

Developed to run simulated media pressure exercises (PMS), NewsRoom by ChapsVision is an online content aggregation platform.

This platform allows you to consult all the fictitious media content created by the Crisotech team, the journalists carrying out the media pressure exercises and the productions of the players’ cells in a single space.

It includes television news, live-streams of press conferences and press articles.

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