Mercure by ChapsVision enables operators’ data to be reconciled with data contained in the phone’s memory, as well as metadata contained in computers or social networks.

The software can be used to read the conversations and chats contained in these media. From the crime scene to the arrest of suspects, and even beyond, Mercure by ChapsVision provides communications analysis tools for the entire investigation. It also enables all this technical data to be compared with investigative events.



Opens up new avenues of investigation



Substantial savings in analysis time



Improves the clearance rate of investigations

Feeding the survey with diversified sources

  • Operator data

itemized billing, itemized billing by IMEI, BTS Dump, lawful interception tracking GSM or GPS trackers

  • Forensic data

Phone and SIM card extraction, hard drive extraction, data from social networks, mailboxes, diaries, etc.

  • Investigation data

Events, automatic number plate readers (ANPR)

  • Financial data

Bank accounts, credit cards, international transfers

  • A robust engine

Over 2,000 formats in Mercure covering more than 30 countries, an engine that allows the tool to be adapted to operational requirements.

New analysis possibilities

Over 200 key queries and functions In addition to all the queries that have made Mercure a success (correlations, frequencies, fleets, histories, heatmaps, meeting points, etc.), the latest version adds a host of new features:
  • Pattern searches
  • Keyword searches
  • Flag of relevance
  • Watchlists of numbers with alerts
  • Simultaneous use and display of multiple workspaces
  • Synchronised group workspaces with n storage levels
  • Views adapted to the types of data studied and adaptable to the needs of the investigators

Support for international formats

  • More than 2,500 known operator formats, enabling the scope of the investigation to be extended to other countries (with or without borders).

  • Critical analysis of international trafficking and the fight against organised crime.

  • Countries supported: France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Holland, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Norway, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Brazil…

  • New territories added as business opportunities arise.

Enhanced traceability

  • Traceability of imported data

  • Traceability of modifications

  • Inventory of source files

  • Storage of the last queries made by the analyst to help him retrace his steps

Simple, effective reporting

Several complementary ways of displaying the results:

  • Geographical maps, tables, timelines, graphs, conversations, etc.

  • New graphs to facilitate interpretation

  • Analysis reports that can be customised by investigators

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