With DeveryAnalytics by ChapsVision CyberGov, forensic investigators have a powerful mobile and fixed phone data analytics tool that anyone can access. 

Fast, Agile & Scalable

The technologies employed and the operating system infrastructure make it possible to manage very large volumes of data.

Modular & operational solution

Reduce the burden on investigators by providing them with a powerful analysis solution accessible to non-specialists.

Leverage the wealth of available data

The processing of digital data is becoming increasingly central to the conduct of investigations, whether judicial or administrative.

But the sheer volume of actionable data, and the proliferation of accessible data sources, makes it essential to use big-data analytics software solutions that fit investigators’ modus operandi.

ChapsVision CyberGov has developed a range of solutions for accelerating investigations through agile data analytics.

DeveryAnalytics Telephony Data,
phone data analysis

This solution is dedicated to the analysis of telephony data: fadets, traffic under relay antennas, extraction data from seized phones.

It enables an intuitive web interface to automatically extract and correlate investigation information and:

  • quickly identify data of interest
  • detect contacts and interactions between individuals
  • update networks
  • requisitions (fadets, geolocations…)
  • gather evidence.

digital evidence processing

Tracip by ChapsVision, France’s first private digital forensic laboratory, is recognized for its experience in digital data collection and analysis:

  • data recovery
  • media scanning
  • forensic consulting and training
  • digital forensics labs.
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