Owlint by ChapsVision accelerates open source investigation by optimizing the collection process and correlating results to the right operating context.

Owlint by ChapsVision is a French-based, sovereign solution that collects and processes digital fingerprints on Clear, Deep and Dark Webs. 

Owlint products support the defense, luxury, security, consulting, energy, etc.


Information Gathering


Big Data Analysis


Protection of sensitive data


Effective communication

Owlint Digital Footprint:
The efficient and accessible OSINT platform

Simple interface
From a few keywords, Owlint takes stock of your exhibition on Clear Web, Deep Web (via its OwlSearch engine), and Dark Web.

Smart Platform
Owlint moves its proprietary OwlAnalytics scanner to contextualize results with a risk score.

Owlint is right for you
The OwlAnalytics contextualization engine is configurable according to your business themes (DRH, safety, cybersecurity, etc.).

Work as a team
Owlint enables collaborative work by labeling and sharing reports to a team member or group.

Owlint by ChapsVision:

Owlint by ChapsVision optimizes the data collection and processing phase to render results consistent with analyst-configured queries. The treatment process is divided into 4 phases:

  1. Enter person of interest information (name, first name, address, phone number,
    date of birth, etc.),
  2. Gathers information on all three layers of the Web (Clear, Deep, Dark),
  3. Contextualizing Results to Address Structural Challenges,
  4. Pre-qualified rendering of results.

All the results are available to analysts with a guarantee on the explainability of the results in order to avoid the “black box” effect

Our functional bricks:

The platform brings together several technological bricks:

  • A dedicated collector of leading search engines
  • A social media collection and analysis engine
  • DarkWeb and Data Loss Collector
  • Artificial intelligence and its semantic analysis present the results on
    thematic data to save analysts time
  • A module for verifying presence on a website or social network from a
    email, phone, or nickname confirming the target has an account
  • A datamining engine to pull up key information and generate pivots
    Investigative (Email, Phone, New User ID, etc.)
  • Optimized architecture for the ability to deliver a significant number of
    searches per day

The package is made available via a web interface for easy, ergonomic and intuitive use. It allows you to import in volume, share results, export your analysis (Docx, CSV, JSON) and manage your teams.
Our solution can be used in On-Premise, SecNumCloud SaaS or via an API.

Owlint Cyber Protection:
The GDPR-compliant, effective outreach platform

Simple exposure balance
From a few keywords, Owlint takes stock of your exhibition on the Clear Web, Deep Web (via its OwlSearch engine), and Dark Web.

Automatic risk detection
Data leaks, clear passwords, information facilitating phishing, etc. Our automated cyber expertise in your platform!

Owlint is suitable for your business
The OwlAnalytics contextualization engine is parameterizable according to your business themes (HRD, security, cybersecurity, etc.).

GDPR compliant
The platform natively integrates a segmented and anonymised space between the employee and his manager in order to respect the privacy of your employees.

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