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Geolocation platform

Chapsvision CyberGov’s geolocation platform is for the national security services. It provides a comprehensive framework for obtaining and exploiting geographical positions for investigative purposes in a regulated framework.

Tracking applications :
DeveryLoc & DeveryLight

Our tracking apps provide forensic investigators and intelligence officers with real-time geolocation tools essential for their missions. These applications track the position of targets in real time and allow alerting to relevant events.

Geolocation beacons for Investigators

Our beacons, compatible with our DeveryLoc and DeveryLight tracking applications, as well as our geolocation platform, adapt to your needs. Precise, with variable autonomy depending on the objective and discreet, the ChapsVision CyberGov beacons are used for investigation, intervention or protection of property and people.

Data Analysis for Investigation:
DeveryAnalytics & Tracip

We offer data analysis tools for forensic investigators in relation to fixed and mobile telephony. From an intuitive web interface, analyze your phone data and heterogeneous data with DeveryAnalytics. Advance your investigations through data recovery with the expertise of Tracip, a private leader in digital forensic expertise, and a French state provider of Forensic digital investigative resources.

Investigation Support Solutions:

Mercure by ChapsVision allows the reconciliation of the data of the operators and those contained in the memory of the telephone. Mercure by ChapsVision recognizes more than 2500 operator formats and is supported in dozens of countries.

Judicial interception:

Elektron by ChapsVision is a solution for capturing, collecting, analyzing and processing judicial and administrative interception data. Our solution also offers a geolocation module and a criminal analysis module to advance your investigations.

OSINT Solution:

Owlint by ChapsVision specializes in collecting and processing digital fingerprints on Clear, Deep and Dark Webs. Owlint takes stock of your or your target’s exposure on the Clear Web, Deep Web and Dark Web to facilitate your investigations.

Fight against fraud and financial crime

ChapsVision CyberGov offers you personalized support to fight fraud, with a 3-step program: fraud risk audit, anti-fraud task force and finally detection of weak signals of fraud attempts.

Mobile laboratories for emergency situations

Transportable and energy-autonomous, our mobile labs are equipped with the latest technologies to give field-deployed agents equivalent capabilities to fixed labs. For example, our mobile DNA is used for the rapid identification of victims through rapid DNA tests.

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