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Cyber Security Solutions

Crossing :

A secure gateway for exchanging files between a common network and a protected network, CrossinG by ChapsVision scans transferred content, ensures the resiliency of the secure area, and protects against the leakage of sensitive data. This product is particularly suitable for OIV and OSE. CrossinG by ChapsVision is certified CSPN by ANSSI.

Risk&Co Cyber :

Risk&Co Cyber by ChapsVision offers a three-pronged offering: auditing and intrusion testing, compliance and certification of sensitive systems, and cyber security of industrial systems. Particularly suitable for large industrial groups, but not only, Risk & Co by ChapsVision is rapidly deployable on sensitive sites, including in a degraded environment.

Analytical Video

ACIC by ChapsVision offers a range of innovative smart video surveillance software solutions. ACIC’s offering consists of three main pillars: security solutions, data collection solutions and appliance solutions. There are many functionalities (detection of persons, detection of intrusions, counting of vehicles and persons, securing of sensitive sites, thermal analysis…).

Incident Responses

Tracip by ChapsVision offers a service to respond to incidents affecting computer equipment and affecting individuals, professionals and companies. This service is broken down into different services to provide a quick and effective response to each other’s problems: responding to IT security incidents, recovering inaccessible data, fighting internal fraud and employer-employee conflict.

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