and IT Security Solutions

Audit & intrusion testing,
compliance and certification of your sensitive systems

Enable controlled and secure exchanges between open and sensitive networks

Isolate your critical assets and protect them from network


Risk&Co Cyber by ChapsVision

A comprehensive offering for your complex IT systems

Cybersecurity has become the most critical risk facing businesses today. A connected world demands a collective response.

Risk&Co Cyber by ChapsVision’s approach focuses on three areas: auditing and intrusion testing, compliance and certification of sensitive systems, and cyber security of industrial systems.

CrossinG by ChapsVision

Protect your sensitive infrastructure from cyber attacks that threaten you

With CrossinG, the secure gateway for organizations, you isolate critical assets, filter, and remediate exchanged content with an open network. In short, you simply oversee and decide what goes in and out of your networks.

In order to provide the highest level of security to OIVs (Vital Operators) and OSE (Essential Service Operators), ChapsVision CyberGov has approached the ANSSI (National Agency for Information Systems Security) to qualify its CrossinG solution, which has obtained a First Level Security Certificate (CSPN).

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