The issues

In an ultra-connected environment where Big Data reigns, the control and protection of Data are now strategic in order to understand the world we live in and, ultimately, to effectively support decision-making.

However, any activity, human or automatically generated, produces a large quantity of data of very diverse nature and more or less structured. This data is most often exploited only within its initial scope of use, without any real perspective. For example, governmental or Defense and Security organizations process geographic data in a GIS (Geographic Information System), flight data in flight data analysis applications, internet data in internet monitoring applications…

But to understand the universe in which an organization evolves, the analysis of the mass of its data implies a de-siloing to contextualize the data by bringing them a global lighting through the prism of interactions. Connecting the entire ecosystem is therefore fundamental to provide a more complete and accurate overview of a situation with a 360° dimension.


The regalian missions of a State are essentially to ensure the security of the country and the people. The use cases where data has taken a major role are multiple:

  • Understand the information received from one area of the planet, and anticipate potential threats
  • To allow a defensive fight of influence, to ward off attacks from other states through fake news
  • Detect and investigate organizations that present risks for the country
  • Anticipate the actions of demonstrators on the territory in order to put in place the appropriate security measures
  • Investigate cyber crimes…

To meet all these challenges, organizations need to rely on solutions capable of processing a large volume of data from different sensors but also of analyzing their correlation to extract the expected value.

ChapsVision CyberGov' solutions

ChapsVision CyberGov offers solutions that support Defence Security actors in all stages of the data processing and investigation process.

Argonos, the data operating system


The data operating system allows to handle use cases in the field of military, security, social, political and economic intelligence with 5 key benefits:

  • Maintain operational superiority
  • Accelerate the provision of strategic and differentiating indicators
  • Tooling intelligence research and detection of weak signals in information oceans
  • Increase informational capacity
  • Increase the performance of dedicated solutions OSINT

Argonos is composed of 3 modules to extract the full value of the data:

  • The Data Preparation module takes in raw (unstructured) data from different sensors (visible and invisible web, social networks) or connects to your own sensors, whatever their nature (socmint, webint, osint, geoint …).
    Then it transforms them to enrich them, normalize them, make them usable with each other. For example, transforming videos into text, extracting concepts, places, names from these texts, solving the geolocation of data, doing facial recognition…
  • The Data Projection module will process all the transformed data from the Data Preparation and calculate the relationships between the objects according to the analyst’s universe, his or her use cases.
  • The Data Analysis module will offer tools for exploitation, research, navigation and investigation within these universes and restore the data in the format that suits you (mapping, spreadsheet, target entities…).

AMI EI, our strategic intelligence platform

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Our competitive intelligence solution, AMI Enterprise Intelligence, enables organizations to leverage Big Data to anticipate changes in their environment – competitive, technological, regulatory – and to detect threats and risks.

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