Crisis management:
Cold advisory

Tailor-made, personalised crisis management systems.

Implementation of crisis procedures, drafting of crisis management plans, reflex sheets, audits of existing procedures. Crisotech is at your side as an expert partner in crisis management for your company or organisation. This includes identifying the functions that need to be set up within your crisis unit.

Setting up your crisis unit

Crisotech can help you set up the physical and technical organisation of your crisis unit and formalise the way it operates. Drawing up crisis management procedures tailored to your specific needs is an important and essential step.

How does it work? Our expert crisis management teams draw on tried and tested templates. We then adapt them to your environment and to the specific organisation of each of our customers. In this way, the frameworks become a truly tailor-made tool.

We write FOR and WITH our customers all the useful documents that will form part of their crisis management system.

Audit of your crisis management systems

During an audit, Crisotech provides you with much more than just an outside view; we also and above all bring you our experience of crisis management in both the private and public sectors. Our extensive knowledge of all sectors of activity enables us to challenge the procedures put in place by our customers. We then suggest a number of possible solutions. Our aim? To make the procedures already in place more effective or more operational, and if necessary to add to and detail them.

From business continuity plans to risk mapping

Our experience of corporate crisis management means that we can now contribute to the drafting of business continuity plans. In order to identify the documents that are useful and necessary for better crisis management, a detailed needs analysis is carried out.

Our teams then draw up a risk map after studying the internal processes and environment specific to each company.

Crisis procedures are then discussed with employees to make them as operational and relevant as possible. The data collected in this way enables us to test the validity of the documents produced before they are actually implemented.

Organisation of the crisis room

Crisotech has helped set up several crisis units and optimised dozens of others. We can help you identify the most suitable location for your crisis unit.

We work with you to identify the logistical requirements, the equipment and tools, and the key functions in your organisation that will need to be present.

We’ll help you formalise the way it operates, from crisis initiation to closure.

Intrusion Games: gold medal at the 2021 Security Awards

Our teams run intrusion games, for which we won the gold medal at the 2021 Security Awards alongside Naval Group.

During full-scale intrusion tests, we go on site and try to thwart the security measures in place in order to make employees aware of the issues involved in protecting information and industrial espionage.

We identify vulnerabilities and propose measures to resolve them.

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